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Current Hiring Levels and Process  
Number of Employees
Annual Rate of Turnover (%)
Annual Employee Growth Rate (%)
Annual Hiring Rate (no. of employees)
Annual Employee Salary ($)
Internal Recruitment Costs  
Advertising Cost
Management Cost per Hour
Management Time Committed per Position  
Development of  Position Description (approx hours)
Management of Recruiter (approx hours)
Development and Posting of Advertisement (approx hours)
Screen Responses (approx hours)
Interview Process - Recruiter Feedback, Short listing (approx hours)
Interviewing Candidates - 1st Round (approx hours)
Interviewing Candidates - 2nd Round (approx hours)
Reference Checking (approx hours)
Candidate Selection and Offer Negotiation (approx hours)
Company Induction Coordination (approx hours)
Total Management Time
Total Internal Recruitment Costs
External Recruitment Costs  
Percentage of Engagements through Recruiter
Recruiter Commission (% of position salary)
Total External Recruitment Costs
Annual Recruitment Costs  
Internal Recruitment Costs
External Recruitment Costs
Total Recruitment Costs
Average Cost Per Hire
Employee Salary, Benefits and Turnover  
Number of Employees:
Annual Rate of Turnover (%)
Annual Employee Turnover
Annual Employee Salary
Payroll & Benefit Costs as Percentage of Salary
Employee Learning Curve  
Blue Collar (3 months to full productivity)
Middle Manager (6 months to full productivity)
Senior Manager (12 months to full productivity)
New Employee Training  
New Employee Training Required (hrs inc Induction, Systems training etc.)
Hourly Training Cost ($):
Average Number of Weeks to Fill a Position:
Sign on Costs  
Pre-employment Medical cost ($)
Uniforms, PPE ($)
Induction tools (eg handbooks, corporate materials) ($)
Sign On bonus ($)
Flights, Accommodation costs ($) (if required)
Removalist / Relocation costs (if applic.)
Vehicle / Vehicle Allowance (if applic.)
Estimated Turnover Cost Details  
Annual Employee Salary: Fully Loaded
Learning Curve costs ($):
Training Costs ($):
Lost Productivity ($): 
Cost to Fill Position, inc Productivity loss ($):
Cost to Fill Position and bring Employee to Full Productivity
The Bottom Line  
Total Turnover Expense ($):
Annual Profit
Turnover Cost as Percent of Profit (%):
Turnover Reduction Profitability Benefit  
Current Turnover
Reduced Turnover Target (%)
Reduced Turnover Cost
Profitability Increase of Reduced Turnover